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My work endeavors are to provide business and technology assistance to individuals and to companies. And my online store at Shop.Theron.Biz is chock-full of products I believe are indespensible and/or fun. You are cordially invited to contact me with your inquiries, questions and comments.

About Your Host

Theron G. BurroughMy name is Theron G. Burrough and I live in New York City, my hometown. This being my business homepage, I'll share my work background, which has nearly always revolved around machines. Read More

Professional Services

Please be invited to ask how I can help you as a freelancer or with my recommended Do-It-Yourself Tools.

  • Web Design Using WordPress, Genesis and Dynamik
  • Consulting Business and technology solutions
  • Support And Training Computers And the Internet
  • Writing and Editing Business, technical and advertising

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Visit Shop.Theron.Biz for my handpicked products and services. I can offer advice in all these areas.

  • Beat Disaster "Preparedness" is the new "Survivalism"
  • Beat Inflation Store food and metals, not dollars
  • Beat "Normal" Aging Eat Superfoods, not Lousy Foods
  • Shop For Computers and Technology Home Or Business
  • Shop For Books and Movies All work and no play ...

Business Opportunity

It has never been easier or less expensive to open a business. I can set you right up with a turnkey business, or your own custom store, or help you acquire new skills and enter a new field.